About Me!

Brianna Blaney My sustainability journey started in 2010 when
I learned about an organization call Student
. More specifically, a friend of mine
recommended me to the Chair of the
International Student Energy Summit 2011 for
the role of Sponsorship Manager. Despite my
skepticism – to be justified later – I joined
ISES; it changed my life. I now consider myself
an energy nerd and sustainability aficionado.

Why so skeptical? My family is fundamentally
unsustainable. We each drive a gas guzzler.
We live in a remote area. We consume excessive energy. We own a hazardous materials transportation company. Fail!!! I struggled with the idea of whether or not it was morally responsible for me to join a sustainability-based organization, mostly out of embarrassment. I thought to myself “I’m aware of my family’s lack of sustainability, yet I do nothing about it.  I would be a hypocrite if I join this.”

Turns out getting the other side of the story was all it took to change me fundamentally. Consider this blog the musings of a 20-something self-professed sustainanerd. Enjoy!

Sustainably Yours,
Brianna Blaney


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