Why I’ve come to hate Spence Diamonds

Spence Diamonds. Fabulous product. Horrific advertising. I went from loving Spence Diamonds for their great products to absolutely abhorring them, courtesy of their awful advertising. If I didn’t find it so infuriatingly terrible, I would feel sad for them. But there is simply no excuse for advertising execution this bad.

I used to think of Spence Diamonds very fondly. Even when that nails-on-chalkboard equivalent voice took over their radio advertising, my love for the company stayed strong. Then things went from bad to worse. Spence Diamonds has forever alienated me as a customer and supporter with the rollout of their most recent advertising campaign on bus stops. What makes it worse is that it’s completely inescapable – it’s everywhere. I give them kudos for thorough coverage and deep penetration, but hate them on a personal level. Every time I see one of these ads, my blood literally boils.

Spence Diamonds has four (that I’m aware of) different ads within this campaign. On that note, I should probably clarify: I adore the concept of this campaign. I think it’s cute, relatable, witty, and relevant. Maybe that’s why I feel so frustrated about it – it has so much potential to be great, and they absolutely blew it on the execution! To be fair, I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback from others on the concept of this campaign. Specifically, a number of people were offended by the “It sucks to be alone” ad; I thought it was funny, if a little bit harsh. Also, not a smart move – it successfully alienates potential future customers.


So how do I hate thee? Let me list the ways …

The offensively terrible typeface: Did they let a four-year-old child choose this typeface? I mean really Spence Diamonds? It looks like the BOLD key threw up all over your ad, in the least romantic, modern, or appealing font ever. It’s not even consistent with what their brand image seems to be – though I’m no longer sure what their brand image is …. And it would appear they don’t either.

The awful ring image: Really? That’s the best you can do? Look, Spence Diamonds, it’s about time someone told you: you are not Tiffany & Co. What makes your image even worse is that Tiffany & Co. rolled out an ad campaign of their own at the same time as Spence Diamonds, using an identical style of ring. The diamond in the ring featured in the Spence Diamonds ads looks like it’s of poor quality. It’s just not good. Newsflash, Spence: Tiffany’s ring makes your ring look like it came from the dentist. 

The blatant disregard for appealing layout: The image of the ring is disproportionately large. The font seems crammed together. The logo seems like it was placed on as an afterthought. Just not good. 

Spence Diamonds – FIRE YOUR AGENCY.


3 thoughts on “Why I’ve come to hate Spence Diamonds

  1. Yikessssss!!!

    I have actually seen this ad and apart from the way they have designed it, the message just rubs me the wrong way. The slogan reminds me of that high school bully you just want to go away! But if you were in the cool kids crew then its not an issue.

    They do the same. Alienate the single people and make the “cool” people feel even cooler. At this point, with no personal preference over jewelers in this market I am already turned off by this campaign. I agree witty and cute as you mentioned, but maybe to harsh? Too strong?

    I think they could have manipulated their campaign to make it a little bit more inclusive, rather than creating an even bigger divide.


  2. I dont like Spence diamonds and I will never shop there. When my husband was looking for an engagement ring 6 years ago for me he went to spence. He is a plumber and went there one day after work on his way home. The people at the Langley Spence didn’t even give him the time of day. I’m guessing because he was in his work attire from a job site. Dont they know that some people have to physically work hard. Either way he never got my ring from there and either of us will never buy a thing from them. If you cant treat each individual with respect that word of mouth goes a long long way… To Bad!!!!

  3. I don’t take the bus much, so have not seen this particular ad. However one radio ad makes me cringe and run for the mute. That otherwise pleasant voiced Sara, for no explicable reason lets out the most bloodcurdling screech after each inoffensive commercial. I would dearly love to take her by the hand, to the closest vet, and have her “debarked”! Failing that a permanent case of laryngitis might do the trick! STOP IT SARA!!

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